What is Movement for Parkinson’s? 

The Movement for Parkinson’s® classes are designed to engage participants’ mind and body through many styles of dance while exploring:
  • Stretching
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Postural stability
  • Rhythm
Class is infused with a diverse selection of music that inspires and invigorates the spirit. The class is offered in a relaxed social environment that emphasizes:
  • Enjoyment
  • Fun 
  • Creativity

With an eye towards connecting with the community, this class is specifically designed for people who wish to continue moving dynamically as the body adapts to mobility challenges.  Participants are encouraged to move at their own rate and pace of time and adapt movements to meet their own needs and abilities. 

What happens in class?


Our classes begin with participants sitting in chairs beginning with slow movement sequences that focus on full body connectivity, flexibility, and strength.

We focus next on feet, hands, legs, and hips with fun and energetic music.  Vocalizations are incorporated into some of the movement sequences to enhance and strengthen facial/vocal expression. 

We transition to standing behind the chairs, working on movement sequences that lengthen and stretch our muscles, facilitate weight transfer/balance, postural stability, and movements that enhance spacial awareness.

The next portion of the class focuses on traveling through the space combining the movement elements we have been working on earlier in class, and incorporating different dance styles.  We close our class in a circle with a calming and relaxing “cool down” sequence. 

No dance experience is necessary and all movement activities can be modified with the aid of assisted devices. There is no wrong way to move in class!

At all stages you are free to rest or modify the dance activity to suit your needs, as well as ask for guidance from your care partner or a teaching assistant.


All classes are taught by sara McMahon, MA, who has been involved in the science and artistic expression of movement for over 40 years.  The foundation and structure of Movement for Parkinson’s® is influenced in part by the Dance for Parkinson’s® program developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group and sara’s eclectic style of dance/movement techniques.   Classes are accompanied by Movement for PD® teaching assistants.

Please see the tag CLASSES for information on location and times of classes.

See you in Class!!!