Movement for Parkinson’s offers unique trainings to those who are interested in being a Teaching Assistant in  a Movement for Parkinson’s class or teachers/educators interested in expanding their own practice to a variety of populations with movement and/or other neurological challenges.

The primary goal of the MfPD Teaching Assistant Training Program is to provide basic knowledge and understanding of Parkinson’s Disease;  facilitate an awareness of the theoretical base underlying the movement vocabulary and sequences taught in the Movement for Parkinson’s classes; and to assist those interested in developing and teaching dance/movement classes in their own community. 

The Movement for Parkinson’s Training program is offered to a variety of professionals, including but not limited to dancers, nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, mime artists, actors, musicians, personal trainers, somatic practiconers, and yoga instructors, to name a few. The training takes place at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts dance studio.  The trainings are offered in two parts. Level I is taught in two – 3 hour segments. Level II is taught in two – 4 hours per segments.

Next TA training: Spring 2020 Date: TBA

Movement for Parkinson’s Teaching Assistant program is based in part on the Dance for PD® program developed at the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn, NY.  The TA program  is funded in part by the Flynn Center and The Frederick C Binter Center for Parkinsons and Movement Disorders, University of Vermont Medical Center.

For more information regarding a training and/or to participate in a training please contact:

sara mcmahon,  Certified Dance for PD Teaching Artist